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Every love story is unique, just like every flower collection!



We create UNIQUE decorative flower collections starting with the type, colors and style of the bridal bouquet as our creative center. The bridal bouquet is the starting point that defines the color palette and style that would be used in each and every element and flower detail. Only this way we can achieve true harmony in the collections that are congruent with our decorative proposal.


When it came to flowers…

PHI Stylo “The Divine Proportion of a flower décor”

Fabulous bouquets – Wondrous center pieces and table tops-  dazzling altars..

Let us create a harmonious and lovely vibes in your wedding or event

From Beach receptions, to a truly Mexican fiesta…. Greenery, trendy,  casual or go for it: a fairytale dreamscape! You decide – we make it happen

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